Filling Your Bathroom With the Right Bathroom Vanity

One way to add spice in your bathroom is by furnishing it with the right set of Bathroom Vanity  . They can add to the aesthetic value and feel in your bathroom, while providing a specific function at the same time. Installing vanity tops can allow you to have a surface where you can place your sink over, while bath vanity cabinets and shelves can allow you to have storage spaces for your toiletries and other bathroom items.

However, in picking the right bathroom vanity to place in your bathroom, there are certain things that you need to give careful consideration:

1. Size and bathroom design – the first and most important thing that you need to look into is the size and the design of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom space, like the one you planned for your master’s bedroom. Placing large bathroom vanities can be a good choice. You can opt to have a double sink bath vanity that can allow you to use both sinks at the same time. This can be convenient, especially if both you and your partner need to share the sink early in the morning.

On the other hand, if you have a small spaced bathroom, you should think twice before getting antique themed or bulky bathroom vanities. Placing large items in a small spaced bathroom can make it look cramped and cluttered. This can become an inconvenience rather than being an advantage. You might want to opt for a contemporary vanity that comes with a smaller design.

2. Height from the floor – when choosing a bath vanity cabinet or shelf, you should know how far above the floor you want the vanity to be. If you only need it to look stylish and don’t really need a lot of storage space, you can choose one that has taller legs. However, if you want to get one that maximizes the storage space that you can have, you cam either go for those that has a legs measuring 2-3 inches or ones that are directly placed on the floor without legs. You can also have the option of mounting it on the wall, leaving an empty space below it.

3. Storage and organizing space – one of the advantages of having a bathroom vanity is the storage space in which you can place and organize your toiletries and other bathroom items in. If you have a lot of small items, you might want to consider getting one that has 2-4 small drawers on the side, while having storage shelves below the top surface. There are a lot of options that you can choose from in picking a modern bath vanity that has sufficient storage space for your use.

4. Type of material and countertop – lastly, you will need to consider what kind of wood material you want your bath vanity to be made from. You can have it made from solid wood with a finish of either mahogany, maple, or other finishes of your choice. You can then add the countertop which is made from a material of your choice. This includes materials like granite, marble, etc.

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