Sears’ Bathroom Vanities

Sears Bathroom Vanities — The Very Latest Styles!

Not all Sears bathroom vanities are large and fancy items for a huge room; you can also get some really attractive single basin vanities that would be just right for bathroom design ideas for a small room. I’ve chosen a selection of Sear’s bathroom to show you what beautiful pieces of furniture they are and how they could transform the look of your bathroom.

These Sear’s bathroom vanities are the epitome of gracious living and far removed from the ceramic white functional bathrooms that dominate our modern age. Visit online for more details , The bathroom vanity is an old-fashioned product by its very nature and yet it has captured our imagination once again and is enjoying a recent surge in popularity. For elegance you can match them with cream, sand or honey colored wall to wall bathroom rugs and with harmonizing bathroom shower curtains.

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The Stufurhome ‘ Augustine’ single basin with a marble top is one of the most beautiful of the current crop of Sear’s bathroom. It looks like a well-preserved antique and the wood finish is a lovely rich medium cherry shade with small metal rings for the drawer handles. Owing to its sleek unfussy style this vanity unit would fit well with most bathroom design ideas and it would look super on a wall to wall bathroom rug. It has five spacious drawers for towels and other bathroom necessities, to keep your bathroom neat and uncluttered. The basin is in lovely ivory ceramic. This Sear’s bathroom vanity unit measures 36″ x 21″ x 36″and costs 1,226.82 dollars.

Another lovely single basin unit is the Sear’s bathroom vanity ‘Mary’ from Stufurhome. This unit is made of wood and is the rich color of warm honey. It has a column of four small drawers next to a cupboard with a pretty grooved door and a small top drawer. It has 3″ sturdy feet which look like cute little upside-down turnips. This bathroom vanity unit would fit well with warm or cool bathroom curtains and set on a cream wall to wall bathroom rug it will give a real feeling of simply-styled luxury. The Sear’s bathroom vanity ‘Mary’ costs $899 at Sear’s online but only costs $687.46 from Just Vanities online!

For something more dramatic you can buy a black Stufurhome ‘Seville’ single basin Sear’s bathroom vanity in black with a cream marble top. The finish is black satin and it has a French edge around the exterior to give it a distinctly European style. The shape is hand-crafted and the vanity top is made from natural stone. It’s a sleek shape with two cupboards and one top drawer. The measurements are 32″ x 21″ x 36″. This is a Sear’s bathroom vanity which would also fit in with most bathroom design ideas and bathroom shower curtains. I also see it as part of a more extreme contemporary design in a strictly black and white bathroom for an ultra-trendy look!

This next vanity is a more decorated piece and comes from the’ Alexandria’ Sear’s bathroom vanities doubles range. It’s very elegant and has a lovely carved pattern of flowers and leaves on the front at the top edge and on the legs. It would be a gorgeous addition to any bathroom design ideas that are seeking an antique look.

The finish is distressed antique ivory and this vanity would give a lot of old-world charm to any bathroom. It looks like something that Marie Antoinette would have used at Versailles in Paris and would go well with bathroom curtains with a Fleur de Lys design on them. The unit has a column of small drawers in the center and two cupboards. It costs $1,399 dollars and would be a marvelous centerpiece to a sophisticated antique style bathroom.

To highlight the beautiful color of any Sear’s bathroom vanity it’s a good idea to buy your bathroom shower curtains after the vanity is installed so you can get a good match. Remember that Sear’s bathroomdon’t include the faucets which are always purchased separately. Of course, after you’ve bought one of these fantastic luxury vanity units, you’ll probably be looking for discount bathroom faucets

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